What is Tube Adder All About – A Quick Explanatory Guide

If you’ve never heard about Tube Adder let me quickly explain what this is, and what it does. It’s a bot that you can use on Youtube to expand your reach by getting more views and more subscribers. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell so let’s dive deeper into this.

Let’s start with pricing

Tube Adder comes with a free trial of 3 days so no need to shell over your hard earned bucks right away. Once you are happy with the tool you can buy the combo package for a mere $64,95 or you buy individual modules for $24,95 each, there are four modules so it could be that you still end up spending more than the complete package, oh and btw, those prices are one-time fees.

Looking at the four modules

Video comment

Each module speaks pretty much for itself, the video comment module allows you to comment on other peoples videos as you would expect. The best part about this is that most users get notified by email when you comment on their video, so they will see who commented and most likely check out your profile as well, which results in more views at your channel, and if they like what they see probably more subscribers as well. Overall a great feature to painlessly grow your Youtube channel the natural way (not that those comments are all that natural but the end-result is natural growth).

Channel comments

When you opt for the video comments module you should also get the channel comments module, which increases your investment to approx $50, as said the total package is about$65 so if I were you I would simply get the complete package and be done with it.

Same as with the video comment module, users will notice your comments and as is human nature, they will most likely return the favor.

Subscribe module

This allows you to subscribe to other channels, and it also has an option to unsubscribe as you don’t want to be subscribed to ten thousands of channels. It’s a bit like on Twitter where you follow 10k people, and 500 follow you back, at some point you want to get rid of the people you subscribed to make your¬†profile look more natural.

Like module

It starts to get a little repetitive here, in short, it’s an auto liker for Youtube and as their site says: “Like other user’s videos to help gain attention to grow your own channel”, and that’s exactly what it does.

So why does this work?

People love attention. Aren’t you proud when you upload a video and you see someone subscribed to your channel, or even better commented on it? I bet you do. Especially when your profile/channel is brand new.¬† Sure if you already have thousands of subscribers you don’t get warm or cold from one more but at the very start, it’s extremely motivating to have people engage with your profile.

You’re probably so blinded by the enthusiasm that you don’t even raise a single doubt whether this is real or bot-generated, the only thing you think of is to do something back for them. That’s the one and only reason this work as good as it does.

Happy liking!