To Buy or Not to Buy? The Benefits of a Soda Maker

Sodas are one of the most refreshing beverages on warm and sunny days.

If you need to take a breather and could use an energy boost, these cool drinks are perfect in helping you out. Thus, you go to the nearest convenience store to buy a can or two.

However, do you think buying cans of commercial sodas to get your fix is the more practical alternative? Have you considered buying your own soda maker, instead?

Here are benefits to having your own soda maker:

Lots of Flavors to Choose From

With a soda maker, you can make your own soda at home, and have it taste according to your preference. Since they are easily available, you can choose from a wide selection of flavored mixes. You can go with strawberry, orange, apple, lemon, cranberry, lychee, grape, and other fruity flavors. Mixes with classic flavors – those similar to Coke, Sprite, and Pepsi — are available, too!

A great thing about this is that compared to a can of commercial soda, you have better control over the ingredients in your drink. This means you can make healthy alternatives.

If you want to eliminate artificial sweeteners and flavorings, making a drink from a soda maker can make this possible. If you want to add a pinch of Vitamin C powder, a soda maker can also make this possible.

If you are about to host a cocktail party and want the invitees to enjoy a selection of homemade sodas, having your own soda maker would come in handy — without you having to spend a fortune!

The Right Amount of Carbonation

Are you very particular when it comes to the addition of carbonic acid and dissolved carbon dioxide in your drink? If so, a soda maker seems ideal for you!

You can refer to the addition of carbonic acid and dissolved carbon dioxide in your drink as carbonation level. Typically, commercial sodas have high carbonation levels. With a low carbonation level, your soda tends to lose its fizz.

If you open a can of soda, and then you leave it open for hours, your soda’s carbonation level weakens. There may be nothing wrong with a less fizzy soda, but you could be among those people who find a fizzier soda to be tastier.

Moreover, the solution to a less fizzy soda is simple; re-carbonate your soda with a soda maker.


A soda maker’s portability is another benefit. It is easy-to-store, lightweight, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-transport. You can simply slip it into a backpack, a pouch, or even your pocket and carry it with you everywhere you go.

If you live an active lifestyle or if you are unable to access convenience stores easily, a soda maker should be on your must-have list. To enjoy a soda, you can just stay put.

Since not all are, you need to ensure that the soda maker you choose is portable. To learn tips on buying soda makers, you can check out discussions on Soda Serve. In this regard, go with a tool that features a one-press button functionality. With it, you can simply pour a flavored mix and press a button to make your own soda instantly!


Soda making is also an environment-friendly activity. Buying a number of commercial sodas in cans and bottles regularly means needing to throw the same number of cans and bottles in landfills regularly, which is an offense to the environment. Thus, if you want to do a good deed for Mother Earth, opting to ditch commercial sodas in favor of homemade sodas will do the trick!


Overall, a soda maker is a money-saver. It is a cost-efficient investment for the long haul. Especially if you live in a household that consumes (at least) a dozen of sodas weekly, you and your housemates will benefit from the savings it offers.

Let us say a can of soda costs about $3, and by taking into account your usual consumption of 12 cans weekly, you are spending about $36 on cans of commercial sodas. However, if you have your own soda maker, you can simply buy a soda mix for about $10. Additionally, this $10 soda mix can produce more than 30 cans of sodas! Therefore, the $10 flavored mix definitely wins over the $36 commercial cans.