Tips for Creating Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites have slowly risen to become a staple in this million-dollar industry. As more and more things become digital, couples are opting to come up with wedding websites with the aim of having an online repository for their wedding experiences.

Whatever the reason is for creating a wedding website, let us look at the various things that you need to know before you start.

Choose the Platform

Many companies give you the chance to create your wedding website. These companies offer the chance to help you design the website for free. If you wish to have extended functionalities, you have to pay for the service. This means upgrading your site to premium so that you can use the premium features that are available only to the premium group.

These sites require you to pay a one-time fee or a monthly fee. It is usually good to compare and contrast the various services before you make a decision.

Buy a Domain

After you identify the web company to work with, the next thing is to buy a domain. A domain name gives the website identity. You need to have a domain that matches with your theme or your names. Using a combination of your names makes it easy for your guests to remember the website URL.

Many platforms offer a free domain for your website, though you have to pay some more to customize it. You need to understand that some of the domain names might already be taken, so keep this in mind and have a few options to choose from in case you find the domain that you have chosen unavailable.

Pick a Template

Templates give you a chance to get creative without spending a lot of time coding. You can choose from several pre-made templates that have been made for wedding sites. All you need is to modify the theme of the wedding and you are done.

Most of the templates that you choose give the website a tasteful and classy feel to it. The template makes it easy to build your website fast and easily.

Know the Categories

Categories are the ones that make the menu on your website. These categories are the ones that make your website easy to navigate. It also makes your website interactive.

Some of the common wedding categories that you can consider include the wedding info, pictures, honeymoon, venue, catering, and videos.

Have Content

You need to have enough content to help design and implement the wedding website. The content is all the information you need to talk about anything and everything that happened during the wedding ceremony.

The content is collected right from the time you decide to have a wedding. Make sure you document the wedding and have the content uploaded to the website right from preparation to finish.

One of the standout content that you need to upload each day is the wedding photos. You need to take photos of all the things that happen right from day 1. Take time to get the images, and add descriptions to each image.

One of the best images you can capture is on the wedding day, showing the venue and how everything went down. For example, check out how Jessica Jerry documented her wedding at to pick a few tips on what kind of information you need.

Update the Information

You need to make sure you update the information each day so that your guests and family know what you are going through as the wedding day nears. You also need to have space for your guests to leave comments and voice their opinion on the upcoming wedding.

Most of the platforms give you a dashboard to allow you to update the information and add more content as you please. The dashboard is easy to use and doesn’t require coding skills to pull off.

In Conclusion

One of the joys of living in this digital age is that you can document everything online. You can put up your wedding website and try to keep your memories alive without having physical photos with you. However, make sure you choose the right platform to use for the wedding site, have a domain and the right categories.