Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Storage Facility

Moving your belongings to a storage facility is always a balancing act. You have to ensure that everything runs smoothly or you’ll have to deal with unnecessary breakages. Here is a closer look at some of the mistakes you’re likely to make and how you can avoid them.

Not Finding Out What the Movers Will Use on the Moving Day

Make sure that the moving company you plan to use answers critical questions such that type of vehicles they’ll be using. Many movers use trucks while others have trailers pulled by an 18-wheeler pick up or truck. Be sure to verify the vehicle type and get dimensions including the height, width length, and maximum load capacity.

Not Negotiating for Affordable Storage Rates

For starters, you have to choose a reliable storage facility that has been in the business for long. Of course, you want the assurance that the company can take good care of your belongings. Check to see if they have temperate controlled rooms as well.

On top of that, negotiate for better terms especially if you will keep your possessions in the facility for long. Speaking of which, check out this smartlockstorage.com coupon code and how it can help you save money if you’re looking for a storage facility in Radford, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, or Fairlawn.

Not Finding Out if the Moving Truck Will Fit

You need to make sure that the moving vehicle can fit into your home and storage facility. If you’ve used self-storage units in the past, then you know that some areas can be a little bit tighter. Keep in mind that storage facilities earn their revenue by renting out space. It is not surprising, therefore, that they maximize the available room for optimal profits. So, it can be challenging to navigate the area if the mover is using an 18 wheeler, for instance.

When scouting for self-storage options, be sure to inquire about the clearance heights and widths for the units. The last thing that you want is to transport your belongings only for the moving truck to be relatively big to fit into the facility’s storage units.

Not Instructing Movers How to Unload

Make sure that let your movers know how you want your belongings arranged in the unit before unloading begins. Remember, you may want to use some items later on, and you don’t want to spend hours looking for them. Also, label the boxes to enable the movers to know the order to use when unloading. Don’t forget to tell them if you want your furniture stacked.

The Bottom Line

When looking for a storage facility, ensure that you do some planning a couple of days before the moving day. Visit your options to find out if they have enough space for your belongings. Also, inspect the level of security especially if you’re planning to store valuable items. Tour the facility on a weekday when there are fewer people in the area. Of course, you want to get a close-up view of the storage units, and that’s not going to happen in a crowded the facility.