Innovative Ways to Use Fabric Spray Paint: The Outdoor Umbrella

Have you ever looked at your faded outdoor umbrella and all you can think is how it would suit the landfill? Well, think again because you have a solution – using fabric spray paint.

The frequent exposure to the sun makes the umbrella lose its original colour, but doesn’t affect the way the umbrella works. If this is the case, then you don’t have to take it to the landfill- all you need is the right fabric spray paint and an hour to revive it to its lost glory.

Choose the Right Colour

Before you can think about the process, you need to make a few decisions regarding the project in front of you. First, decide on the colour that you want to adopt. It is not a must that you use the same colour as before – you can choose a different one. This is ideal if you have a lighter colour and you want a darker shade. The quality also matters a lot, for instance, this Dye from FabricSpray is ideal in this situation.

Know How Many Cans You Need

After you choose the colour, you need to estimate the amount of paint you need for the job. The number of cans depends on the surface area of the umbrella in feet.  If the umbrella is in sections, I would suggest that you allocate one can for each section. The good thing is that you can choose to have each section in a different colour, making it more colourful.

Your Finger Can Not Last

You might think that using your finger or another simple tool to apply the paint is a good option to save some more money – wrong! Instead, make use of a spray paint gun that attaches to the top of your can. The use of this gun helps you achieve a uniform colour, and makes the process fast as well.

The Painting Process

To make the most out of the process of spray painting the umbrella, you need to make sure that you place the fabric on a flat surface. This requires you to unscrew and pull out the cover off the supports, then lay it done on a flat surface. If you don’t want to use the lawn, you can use paper to protect it from the paint.

If you plan to use different colours on the various sections, use tape and old newsprint to prevent paint from getting to the sections that you don’t want to spray.

Start at the top and work slowly and uniformly down the fabric.

After applying the first coat, wait for it to dry then apply the second coat. The second coat is necessary because the first coat doesn’t spread evenly. Make sure you don’t leave out the vent edges as well as the underside of the umbrella. After the second coat, re-fit the fabric on the frame and apply a third coat, that’s it!

Takeaway Tip

You can add a protective coat to make the umbrella withstand the harsh weather. Choose a clear protective coat or go with the same colour like the one you have used.