Handheld Fiber Laser Engraver

Fiber lasers are the latest laser technology to appear on the market. It is viewed as the best choice compared to other traditional laser types such as gas and crystal lasers, which operate differently to a fiber laser. Gas lasers usually use co2 and crystal lasers use Nd: YAG. However, fiber laser technology is different to the other types of lasers. This laser technology uses a fiber optical laser at the center of the machine.

The benefits of fiber lasers

There are many benefits of fiber laser systems over other more traditional methods. 

Produces high-quality work

The straight beam is ultra-focused and offers higher quality precision when engraving. This makes it a more reliable option to produce custom work as this technology offers the most accurate processing methods in the engraving industry meaning detailed graphics can be engraved even on the smallest surfaces. This is because the laser dot can be made small which makes it suitable for laser cutting.

Does not overheat

These lasers have a large surface-to-volume ratio so that heat can be dissipated relatively easily. They are also air-cooled and thus do not have overheating problems like some other sources despite their high temperature and output.

Power efficient

Fiber lasers can disperse thermal energy easily and effectively. The diodes of a fiber laser pump may be cheaper but this source provides a high output of energy. Its high powered laser can cut through metals of various thickness.

A maintenance-free operation

Fiber lasers are robust and have a long operational life. They are designed to withstand many years of intensive use with minimal service maintenance required.  Therefore this lack of servicing required can also be a cost saving factor.

It uses no consumables

Traditional marking materials such as ink based printing or chemical etching which uses acid can cause damage to the environment.  Fiber technology can be used solution to make markings more environmentally friendly. It is a more environmentally friendly choice as it does not use consumables such as inks or chemicals. Therefore it is a clean way to process metals.

It will not become misaligned

A lot of laser types are very sensitive to movement and as a result, the lasers alignment can get thrown off. If these optics become misaligned they will have to be realigned by a specialist. Fiber lasers do not require optics to work properly as the laser is generated inside the fiber, therefore, it is more stable.

A recommended handheld laser

The N-LASE Handheld Laser Engraver from Needham Coding is affordable and produces a high-quality marking.

The powerful software can import designs, logos and identification marks in almost any format and enables the laser to make all kinds of codes including text. When installed it can be controlled by connecting the laser to a laptop or tablet. This can be set up quickly and can be operated anywhere.

It is very flexible and easy to use. You just have to place the machine against the material you wish to mark and press a button to start engraving.