Guidelines on Preparing for the New Puppies

It is now time to receive your newborn puppies after a long wait. Beyond the excitement, you need to be sure that the puppies are safe and healthy. This calls for a few changes, new items and preparing the new home for your puppies. The mother will also need proper care so that she is able to gain strength and attention for the young ones. Here is a checklist of items that you need when preparing for the newborn puppies.

Whelping Boxes

A few weeks before the expected date of birth, consider giving the expectant dog a box where her puppies can rest when they come. Ensure that the whelping box is large enough for the mother to sleep, stretch up, and to hold all the new puppies.

Place the box in an area that is warm, quiet and free from distractions. However, the location should be familiar to your dog so that she can agree to sleep at the place on her own will. Go for a quality whelping box such as the ones from Pet Nap which allows the bitch to walk in and out and with a security feature that prevents the bitch from crushing the puppy at the corner.

Milk Replacers

The bitch may experience problems in the course of nursing the puppies. It may not have enough milk or may be stopped from nursing for a while if sick. Keep a handful of milk replacer formulas that you can feed the puppies. For extended milk replacements, the vet may also give energy boosters. You also need a nursing kit or syringes to feed the puppies.


Layer the bottom of your whelping box with plastic sheets and then place the rugs, towels or blankets to keep the puppies warm. These bedding materials should be cleaned regularly. If the dog has given birth in a cold season, you can consider placing a waterproof heating pad to provide additional warmth to the puppies. However, ensure that the pad is hidden deep down so that the puppies would not come into contact with the pad.

A Space to Confine the Puppies

When the puppies start to move around, they will need a room where they can be confined to prevent them from messing up the whole house. You can have puppy training pads in their room which you use for all the form of puppy training. Once in a while, you should let the bitch out into the yard with her puppies to enjoy some sunshine.

Have a Number of a Nearby Vet

It is good for the bitch to have regular visits to the vet. He or she is able to detect problems and estimate how many puppies are coming. You will still need a vet after the dog has given birth. Therefore, get contacts of a nearby vet who you can call in case of an emergency. You may have to call the vet if the dog struggles for over 30 minutes during birth without any puppy coming out. Do not ignore any distress with the puppies in the course of their growth. Have the vet check on them as soon as you see a problem.