DIY-ing Your Yard’s Halloween Decorations

DIY-ing Your Yards Halloween Decorations

The Halloween season is the perfect time to go all-out on your home’s holiday decorations. This is the perfect time to get creative with your outdoor decorations and give all the neighborhood kids a good scare! And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, because many of the ideas we’ll talk about can be done on your own.

Make Your Own Yard Graveyard

There’s nothing scarier than a spooky graveyard at night and you can design the perfect one for your yard! Grab some stiff foam board from your local hobby shop, some gray spray paint, a jar of black paint, a brush, and a knife or power saw with a thin blade. Cut your foam to the shape of gravestones and paint them gray all over. Then, use the brush to add details like the year, ‘R.I.P.’, and so on. An old cardboard box can be cut into strips and used to prop them in your yard.

Lanterns for a Ghostly Feel

You can easily make creepy lanterns using old milk jugs. Draw faces on the jugs with black marker and then add white holiday lights through a small hole in the back. Never use candles in milk jugs; the plastic isn’t designed for open flames. Scatter your lanterns throughout your patio.

Fill the Trees with Hanging Decorations

Kids love to make Halloween decorations and here are two ideas that are really easy. First, take old egg cartons, cut them into sections of threes, and spray paint them black. Two googly eyes on the center hump makes a bat’s body, and with a little trimming, the other two sections become its wings.

Have the kids collect large, flat leaves. These can be spray painted white, then eyes and other details can be drawn on them, turning them into ghosts.

Use white pipe cleaners to make round, spider ‘egg sacs’. Simply twist several pipe cleaners together in the shape of an egg, and add a tiny plastic spider for greater effect.

Add some black or orange ribbon, and hang them from your trees.

Long-Lasting Jack-o-Lanterns

Old mason jars can become Jack-o-lanterns that will survive past Halloween. Simply cover them with orange paper, draw or use black paper to create scary faces, and drop a tea light candle (either real or battery-powered) into the jar. You can use these to add spook to areas of your yard without electricity, or wherever you want an added scare factor.

‘Corny’ Candy Corn Vases

Take old glass bottles, and spray paint them with orange, yellow, and white spray paint until they look like candy corn. If you’re having a Halloween party and offering refreshments, these are a unique way to give your guests a drink!

Mummify Your Front Door

Using gauze or other filmy white cloth or paper streamers, wrap your front door, overlapping the strips of cloth to mimic the wrappings of a mummy. Use construction paper in white and black to create large eyes looking out on your visitors. Or, grab a large set of googly eyes from your hobby shop.

Don’t Forget Your Sound System

Sound ups the creep factor in any Halloween decoration. Cell phone docks like the iThingum let you play spooky music through your smartphone or tablet, adding wails, screams, scary laughter, and many more sounds to your Halloween yard. Make sure to place your music dock where it won’t get wet in rain or snow and if it’s battery-powered, keep fresh batteries on hand for Halloween night.

Over-Sized Spider Webs

You can easily make larger-than-life spider webs using some sticks and white yarn. Tie several sticks together at the center and string the yarn around the sticks until you have a large web shape. Plastic spiders from your hobby or dollar store can make these look more realistic. Tie them into trees or simply prop them up by your front door.

Don’t Forget the Black Cats

Small pumpkins can be spray painted black and have ears added using black construction paper. Black pipe cleaners can be used for whiskers. Add a set of googly eyes and you’ll have a herd of black kittens stalking your visitors. The nice thing about these pumpkins is that since they’re not carved, they won’t rot easily.

Add Some Eerie Ghosts

You can use some chicken wire to fashion ghost-like shapes. Cover these with cheesecloth and add some of your white holiday lights underneath to make them glow. Flickering, battery-powered lights can add to the ghostly effect.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to create your own spooky, Halloween atmosphere. And even the kids can help to create some of your Halloween yard decorations. This is an excellent way to create inexpensive DIY yard décor that is sure to scare the wits out of your Halloween visitors. Don’t forget to add the sound for increased effect. Then, sit back, watch your ghoulish trick-or-treaters, and enjoy the fruit of all your fun yet challenging work!