6 Basic Tips for Taking Care of Your Nails

6 Basic Tips for Taking Care of Your Nails

With how much women are concerned with their nails, nail care techniques are becoming increasingly important. Not only the nails matter but also the hands, for matching various kinds of nail art. However, it is best that you do not forget about the basics, so you should begin with these hand and nail care tips:

#1: Avoid Immersing Your Hands in Hot or Cold Water

You will be doing your hands a favor by not placing them in either hot or cold water. After all, the former causes dry skin by removing sebum or skin oil. On the other hand, the latter can lead to constriction and dilation of capillary vessels, causing your skin to turn red.

#2: Choose Professional Service Over Self-Treatment

If you ever require nail polish services or other forms of nail care, it is best that you let a professional do the work. After all, you no longer have to worry about mistakes such as misaligned nails and other unsatisfactory results. Also, people who go to a nail salon are much more confident than those who opt for self-treatment. If you would like a suggestion for a salon, check out Nicole’s Body Works since they offer the best services.

#3: Milky Hand Wash

Avoid using clearer cleansers since these may cause dry skin. Also, you may want to watch out for the chemical triclosan in your soaps, since these are artificial antibacterials that lead to skin damage. Instead, you should opt for natural soap with eucalyptus, as it acts as a natural antibacterial.

#4: Moisturizers and Oils

For lubricating your skin and maintaining moisture levels, you should opt for natural moisturizers and oils. A good skin oil would be those that contain safflower seed oil. You may also try grapeseed oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil since of these help with dry skin.

#5 Avoid Using Excessive Alcohol

Although alcohols can sanitize your hands, they make it dry. These dehydrate your skin and nails, as well as causing polish to wear out faster. One solution for this is to use a moisturizer once the sanitizer dries up.

#6: Caring for Cuticles

Any manicure will most likely look old if your cuticles are dried up. Also, you may want to avoid cutting cuticles since it leads to a high possibility of infection, making it look worse than before. Instead, you can exfoliate your hands with a scrub, and remove only hangnails that wiggle.


Although there are various hand and nail care procedures and techniques out there, it is best that you do not forget about the basics. Thus, you may begin your regular nail care with these tips.