5 Minute Back Workouts you Can do Without Weights

Challenging your back is essential as it enables you to perform everyday movements in addition to training your upper body to stand and sit straighter.  Besides, it helps reduce lower back pain. You probably know that standing tall is associated with confidence, energy, and productivity, but perhaps you didn’t know that there are quick back workouts that can be done anywhere, without weight. Here they are:

The Wide Row

With your feet hip-width apart, hinge your hips before leaning forward ensuring that your torso is more or less parallel to the floor. Put your head in a neutral position and,

  • Make fists while raising your arms to the side
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together once the arms get to the top
  • Repeat the procedure 20 times

The Overhead Press

Have your feet a bit wider than the hip-width apart. Hinge at the hips before leaning your torso forward a little bit. Ensure that your body’s weight is on your knees. Thus the knees should not be going over your toes. Then,

  • Squeeze down and act like you are swimming through water
  • Repeat the procedure 20 times

Plank with Arm Raises

Start by sitting on a plank. Balance your body with your toes. The shoulders should be slightly above your wrist. Also, make sure that your head is at a parallel position to your tailbone. Proceed to:

  • Shift the body’s weight to your right side and pick the left hand off the ground.
  • Lift the arm straight to the side while engaging your back and the core to maintain balance.
  • Squeeze the shoulder blade when the arm is parallel with the ground
  • Slowly lower the hand back down to the ground and repeat the move on the other side.
  • Continue alternating the movements while and perform 20 raises on either side.

The Tick Tock Arms

Stand on your feet, the hips wide apart. Start by hinging your hips then leaning forward a little bit with your torso. Engage the core and the back so that your body is straight from the head to the tailbone Look down and;

  • Make fists using both hands
  • Tense the muscles in your arms before bringing down your right arm above the head the left one behind the bottom.
  • Switch the arms slowly
  • Bring the right arm out to the side and back again to your bottom while placing the left one to the side and then up.
  • Act like you’re moving the arms through the water by engaging the muscles in your back and shoulders.
  • Repeat the workout 20 times on each side.

…And When Exercise Don’t Work for Pain;

At times, back exercises may not be enough to help you deal with the intensity of pain. During such scenarios, you need to listen to your body to decide if working out is the best option to deal with your pain. It is also essential to mention that exercising isn’t the way to go especially if you’re dealing with injury-related back pain.